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LCAalumni is a web site independantly created specifically for the alumni of Lynchburg Christian Academy and Liberty Christian Academy. The goal of this web site is to enable LCA alumni the means to get in touch with old classmates again.

After high school graduation, we all get caught up in things like attending college, exploring our new independance as young adults, marriage, planning careers, and any of life's decisions we face as high school graduates. Many people move off, meet new people, get married, or simply lose contact with high school friends.

But there comes a time in our lives when we start thinking back to those special times and friendships we had at LCA and we want to find each other again to share our life experieinces with each other.

That's why LCAalumni is here. A place where we can find each other again!

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This web site and the information contained herein does not imply endorsement or affiliation by Lynchburg Christian Academy (LCA), Liberty Christian Academy (LCA), Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC), or any Jerry Falwell Ministries. The creator of this web site is a Lynchburg Christian Academy alumnus who simply has a desire to provide LCA graduates a means to easily reestablish contact with each other again.

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